Stockholm Consumer Cooperative Society

We own Coop and our primary objective is to make Coop as good as it can possibly be for our 1,200,000 members. The membership card is your Coop card.

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Stockholm Consumer Cooperative Society (KfS) is one of the main owners of Coop. Our most important objective is, therefore, to make Coop as good as it can possibly be for our 1,200,000 members – good in terms of in-store experience, product range, price, special offers and with regard to health and sustainability. As a member, you also receive beneficial offers and discounts for other companies and for cultural and sporting events. Membership and your Coop card are the key to all of this.

Another of our important roles is to increase consumer awareness and to influence society in order to bring about greater sustainability and more-informed consumption. Everything that we do is built upon our cooperative values, central to which are the influence of our members and the conviction that things are always best when we do them together.

Part of the national consumer cooperative

Stockholm Consumer Cooperative Society (KfS) was founded in 1916 and is a part of Sweden's consumer cooperative organisation. Our business area stretches from Knivsta in the north to Nynäshamn in the south. We do not operate any shops of our own.

The Swedish Cooperative Union (KF) is jointly owned by the country's approximately thirty consumer cooperative societies, with KfS owning a 22 percent share.

KfS is also a direct owner of Coop. KF owns 67 percent and KfS owns 33 percent of Coop Sverige AB.


Publicerad: 2017-05-03